Simplissimo Module

Cleaning and Self Cleaning

Summer is approaching and rains are more abundant, the facade of your house gets dirty very quickly and you should clean it one day or another. it’s appearance tarnishes the image of your home, but you’ve just painted it! Know that there are several methods of renovating your facade, from the simplest to the most modern, it behooves you to choose among the techniques we can present you, your choice will depend on your budget, but also by the nature of dirt from your facade, after which we will apply the film that will make your self-cleaning facade, it will be clean for twenty years …

Simplissimo+ Module

Same : your front + your roof

Your roof also …

The reduction of water penetration due to heavy rain facades and gables and different problems resulting both outside and inside buildings.

Embelissimo Module

Restoration and Self-cleaning

Before facade renovation, we must establish a precise diagnosis. This diagnosis aims to establish precisely the pathologies present on the facades. For each pathology, there must be a suitable treatment. We summarize in a table the possible treatments depending on the type of facade materials / type of pathology. Some pathologies are quite common and can be detected as well as repaired before they cause more damage. You have the choice of finishing your facade. It can both play a protective role and / or decoration. These finishes are categorized into different classes that we can present to you. Once done cleaning, we will apply our film that will make your self-cleaning facade, it will be clean for twenty years …


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