Decoration Specialist Indoor / Outdoor

Sud Ardèche Façades offers solutions to embelish and give charm to your home with a plaster (troweled, brushed, smoothed or Ribbe) or lime paint 100% natural and ecological.

We help you choose the paint or coating that will give you the best results at the level of mold resistance, the ability to isolate, weather resistance and protection against insects.

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Restoration New/Renovation

The façade of your house needs refreshing? Do you want to renew it completely?
Sud Ardèche Façades is a restoration expert, we perform the work of your choice: protect, clean, strip, embellish, repair, treat.
We advise you to choose the most suitable material.

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Insulation from the outside

Sud Ardèche Façades performs the insulation of your home from the outside through the installation of efficient cladding. There are several insulating materials that can be integrated with the cladding: rock wool, expanded polystyrene, wood fiber, expanded cork.

The external insulation of your home is the most effective solution. Your house is then completely wrapped in an insulating coat. Enjoy acoustic comfort, excellent thermal insulation, Energy economy and economy on your bills

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Attractive prices on thermal insulation from the outside.

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